“…and they came, with helps.”

May 19, 2009

2-19-2009-0628When, I prayed and asked for help… the people that showed up, were, well… unexpectedly amazing, both  in who they were, and why… “they” were responding to my secret cry for help.

If I put in my plea for help in only one place…  and these beautiful people showed up…  were they listening to the source, that I was appealling to for help?!

Jobs came, taking care of people, being a care giver for the disabled, and the elderly, gave me a new sense of purpose, and also gave me lessons in helping people with more challenges than I was dealing with at the time.

The thing that I found most amazing besides the “time” I was given to heal.. was that, these people who came… when I prayed (in my secret closet).

I am still friends with many of them, I interact with them on many levels of friendship, including now being able to help those who helped me! I am stoked!

Many people came to my assistance, Herb Dealers, Remedial Health Practioners, Chiropractors, M.D.’s, N.D.’s, Homeopath’s, Naturopaths, Dieticians, Food Guru’s…

Many people came to my assistance in the form of books, tapes, lectures, pamphlets, and even partying with one health nut, (what an adenture that was)!

It proves that in the 11th hour f our desperation…help will make it’s way through  whatever is hindering it!

I would like to share the “Heroes List” I have for these great people:

Rick South, Jaimah Sandstrom, Kimberly Plumadore, Pat Branhum, Suzy Burke, Dorothy Thompson, Marrietta Perce, Dianne Echelle, Linn Echelle, Kerri Langlais, Isabelle Eschausier, Peter Sklivas, Alexander Sands, Bill Cronin, Kara MacLean, Joy O’Connell, Rita Veator, Julie Howell, Mike Francis, Steve Russo, Robert Reid, Robert Yarosh, Kathy Foley, Juliano, David Wolf, Bruce Brewer, Panman, Keith Hickey, Jenny Gugglielmo, Krishna Das, Donna Hendrick, Richard Herrin, Jim Harris, Jim Liddlell, Henry Perce,Holly Rogers, John Dibona, Maggie Ross, Caroline Maciel, Aurora Bliss, Dr. Douglas Graham, Dr. Loren Lochman, Dr Donald Tgettis, Tranquillino Nunez, Ed Soucy, …(to be continued)



May 17, 2009

cmpThe summer after my son turned 3, I had reached critical mass. I was weighed in on a warehouse scale at 418 lbs… I was wearing size 60 waist pants, and  and they were leaving big whelps on my gut they were so tight. I needed to get up!  I was doing everything my son was doing… he was my movement co-ordinator, and coach… His coaching anthem: “Dad can we go…?” HO! that was my time to move!

I was living near a lake, fed by a meandering  Texas river, that ran behind my house aways. There were sand pits there, both moving and still. I and my son went to the pits, and we played, while I moved around in the water.  I took a #1 kids pool-donut, and put it (deflated) over my head, then inflated it to a comfortable snugness around my neck, so that no matter what, my head wasn’t going under… then went down into the water.

While my son and I played, I could do all manner of running, exercise, stretching, and even some slow-motion gymnastics! The soft washed sand underneath me, was so deep, my ankles were just above it… it made running in place both  incredibly hard, and easy at the same time. The resistance of the sand, the water boyancy, the weight-lessness, and the tranquility, gave me a conducive environment to work my re-habilitation plan.

I was told I would not be able to work, or function normally… because of my injuries, operations, and subsequent health challenges.

The Government agencies didn’t give me much hope… menial job, sitting down,  operating a machine…etc.

I prayed to the creative genius and asked for help! Help came. I’ll blog about that in “…and they came, with helps.”

Movement was a motivator… to my cornered mind. I had been backed into a mental posture of  “Can’t”. That to me is one of the worst 4 letter curse words… it goes right along with “Don’t”.

I had become dependent on their remedies for pain relief, and I could take the effects it was having on me.  So I decided to do something about it.

I have become a dopeless hope fiend, I will keep moving… Tom sez: “If ya never slow down, ya never get old”

Today, I hike, bike, climb, jump, squat, dance, swim, work, yoga, and love every minit of it!

“What do you want to be when you grow up”? asked The Giver.  ALIVE!

… was the response