Green Smoothies

I am making Green Smoothies every morning.
I am in Alaska, and my friend Jon is lovin the energy!
He is losing weight, and feeling the liquid light in the green foods…
I use wheatgrass, kamut grass, sunflower sprouts, that we grow right here in Alaska! I juice carrots and celery, and add organic baby spring mix. Top off this mixture with some frozen fruit, (banana’s, peaches, berries…), and well water. This mix is like rocket fuel! I am losing still more weight and toxic matter.
Last moth after reading Dr. Richard Anderson’s, Cleanse and Purify Thyself, I followed his instructions.. as much as I could… and after seventeen years of progressively eating cleaner, more organic, and eating a total vegan diet.. I was horrified to pass a worm one morning… scary episode!
There are many stories that led up to this event, and I will blog more on the subject after the flurry of sawdust slows down, but for now, back to wood chuckin!

Jon and Buddy walkin on water!

Jon and Buddy walkin on water!

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