beardno1In tandem with my carpentry I serve as a health and human performance coach, and diabetes educator for the mobility impaired.
I really enjoy the company of good friends, making living food with them at my house, and regenerating each other… Life times Life=Life squared.

I dream of a world that isn’t controlled by profiteers and war maker’s, where advertisement to procure inordinate profit is not called art, and our channels of communication (internet, television, media) aren’t controlled by corporate machines.

I envision a time when brutality, and inhumane-ness are not entertainment. When our base thoughts, are not the reason for youth wanting to be like the adults. Where inebriation, intoxication, and bizarre behavior, are not the highlights of daily conversation.

I dream of a time, when we will no longer need these digital crutches to commune-icate. I dream of a world, where age is valued… and people accumulate more vitality, wisdom and spirituality as they grow older. I dream of a world where our air is fresh, and our water is clean. I dream of a world where there is no monopoly over medicine; where it is created not for profit, but for the benefit of all who need it.

I long for a world where innovation connects us all for the betterment of our lives, instead of filling our earth with landfills and toxic waste. I long for a world where the few aren’t enriched through the suffering of the many. I dream of a world where our youth are surrounded by beauty and abundance, and they are constantly reminded, by our actions… of the sacredness of life and existence.
Peace ~ Wayne


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