From the other side of the fence…

February 24, 2009

other side of fence…comes voices from the allopathic and traditional western medicine arena. I must say, if studied.. a good measure of integral thinking. I think there is more to the recipe…but this is a good start! I’m rootin for ya!

I found this article… I love the concept of the simple principles of “don’t retire,” “move around,” “get your sleep,” “consume whole foods, not supplements,” click the link to read more. Vibrant health doesn’t need to be difficult!

10 Healthy Habits That May Help You Live to 100
You don’t need to eat yogurt and live on a mountaintop, but you do need to floss.
By Deborah Kotz, U.S. News & World Report

“The biggest factor that determines how well you age is not your genes but how well you live. Not convinced? A new study of 20,000 British citizens published in the British Medical Journal shows that you can cut your risk of having a stroke in half by doing the following four things: being active for 30 minutes a day, eating five daily servings of fruit and vegetables, and avoiding cigarettes and excess alcohol…”

The “King D Krunch”

February 24, 2009

Dr. Doug Graham said we are addicted to crunch!

Loren Lochman says we are addicted to the feeling of being full!

Well I am a Krunchaholic that loves bein full!

What do I do, when the Krunch monster takes over the brain? …and all nutritional reason goes out the mental window? I am on the prowl for Krunch!

If I keep everything dangerous outta the house, I usually will make do with the pre-planned foods. If I am on the loose… the rules can change bigtime! I’ll compromise, and pay for it with my body… and sometimes my pain level… just to satisfy the crunch attack.  Not the best choice!

The overeating of good things.  I’ll be up late and over eat nuts, and seeds looking for crunch, knowing that it is better if they are soaked… I still go for the dried ones for the crunch’n’chew factor.

Produce just doesn’t have the same ‘chew’.

I am by no means a chef… making food is a facinating chore to me…  I am Chef Boy’R’Duh in the kitchen. I get in there and go to thrashin around, tryin to make some food. Oh I eat all right, but when I get done it looks like the cooking channel blew up!  Half the ingredients for the recipe have been picked through or eaten completely, my food presentation and arrangement skills leave a lot to be desired…  ever dish I own is dirty… FORGET IT!!?!? Just eat the flippin ingredients!

to be continued…

Raw Granola

February 24, 2009

granolaberryRaw Granola recipe from “Raw Food Health Tips” blog.

Raw Granola recipe from “RawCityLife” blog.


February 23, 2009


Subject: RE: juice E stuff
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2009
What equipment are these folks using to juice?
When you juice, you are removing basically the “water” content and leaving the fibrous material behind; yes?
In Green for Life, we are instructed to leave the fibrous material in as it’s good for us. Your thoughts?
I have been using a standard (and admittedly dated) blender. God love it I can’t believe its still working after what I’ve been putting it through!


Well that is a faceted answer, the controversy will always continue, but there are many kinds of juicer (person). If the machinery depends on the function. I have an auger style champion juicer, a real workhorse…it will not juice greens but is great for fruit, nuts( the nut butter is amazing and worth the price of the machine… almond butter, cashew butter pecan butter… fresh, no hydrogenated oils… raw? oooohh lalal!

macadamia nut butter fresh made jelly (my way)… on yeast free toast! Outta this world.. I digress

the other type juicer is centrifugal…Jack Lalane juicer, everyone has their point as to why their choice is best… I got all three for all three reasons… I juice some things… like sweet potato, or care roots.. .. in my vita mixer this would be like drinking sludge… good for me… better for me than to not have the pulp… I am afraid, the only ear we have for nutrition is between our lips.

I use the vita mix almost exclusively, My taste buds are radically different from most other folks though(at least by there reactions :~}

Juicing throws my blood sugars out of whack… I am not easy to deal with… when they are whacked.

I make Shrek smoothies… greens, a small portion of frozen fruit, lots of water… works for me.

It is such a labor to do this, but soooo worth it.

there is also a specific juicer for leafy greens, including cereal grasses, and kale, and dandelion… etc…

that one costs about 100$ but I have found if you prep your stuff…I used an inexpensive food processor for a while to pre-prep my ingredients to make smoothies in the blender… worked for me!

I made Ai-scream with the food pro rather than the blender… worked ok! yard sale stuff, thrift store stuff, I did all this at first.

Some people want clear juice, some want the smoothie texture.

The Juicer folks on the Global Juice Feast are clear liquid juicers, for the specific goal of health rejuvenation, weight loss and disease prevention.

Depends on what one wants to do.

Say if you just wanna grow and drink wheat grass?!? There is a 49$ hand crank wheat grass juicer and some inexpensive trays, and a few dollars in seeds and your on! OR you can invest hundreds of $’s in automatic growers, timers… lights?!? , and argghgh?!!?

If you “bless” your blender in the name of your families health pursuits… it will last till the next one comes. (Jah wisdom*8~)

I think if you want to juice (clear) I could have my champion sent to ya… use it for a season or two… see if it suits ya. I did this with another friend, who now has both like I do.

There is a real difference in the taste, texture , consistency… of juicing. and the duration for some people to go long periods on just juice..

So the idea is: to go try different forms of juices somewhere near you…( I could find some for ya? ), and see what you like. Then that’s the machine for you. I have all of them, so I can do grasses, fruits, and Shrek smoothies! and Ai-scream to boot!

I hope this helps.


“The ultimate test of man’s conscience, may be his willingness to sacrifice something today, for future generations whose words of thanks he will not hear.”

…did I ever mention… that I hate making food?!?!?!

February 23, 2009

So Here goes my rant..

I hate making food, cleaning up, putting things away, why can’t there be a no awaay to be put to? Pull food outta the ground, off trees, and vines… and eat? Dunno?!?!?!??! lemmee get back to ya on that one. ‘

Last summer I was at a friends yard that is the coolest yard I have ever been in. The garden was outrageous! I ate right out of the garden many times! and the size of the plants?!?!

Wouldn’t it be cool… to have all you need to live vibrantly,  in your neighborhood… promoting cooperation instead of separation in  your environment?

I live in a community where there was once an orchard… My dirt would love some activity! I am just now learning, that I am interested in growing my own food, as well as enough to bless others with!

kale-n-chard1There’s a lot to it! going to the store, stand, markets is easy… plank down tasteless money for taste good food?!?!? Easy breazy!  …and have you ever tried to eat money? No good dimpin!

So this year it is learning to be a locavore… eating only what is produced locally. There are so many lessons this year, that I am tackling.  Growing food, growing superfoods, being a locavore, being a green senior by going truckless, eating a mostly raw vegan diet, juicing, B a man 2 ban the can, biking, walking, hiking, rock climbing, dancing, yoga, skipping!, meditation, working, and loving life!

Sammy said: “I can’t drive 55!” Well me either! I ain’t about to slow down!

Tom Petty sez: “If ya never slow down…ya never grow old.” Well, I aim to see just how far I can push that!

Movement post…

Navigational challenges

February 22, 2009

Nutritional Navigation

When it all started…

I heard, somewhere down deep inside, “eat the plants, they will help you…”

That’s where the adventure turned interesting…

It seemed it was then up to me to figure out how to do that… and based on my response to the prompts, I got well.

Herbs, Tinctures, Infusions, Teas, Tonics, Essential oil inhalers, Supplements… all help in restorative, regenerative, adaptagenic interaction with the body on many levels of rehabilitation to vibrant life.

If I look through the jewelers loop, and examine if  what I am eating is a plant? Will I want to eat it if it isn’t… ?

Everyday it is a choice between packing food with me, or rolling the dice in the outside world… also  having enough money on me at any given time, to fend for myself in the ‘food desert’ that is my society.

Ehret would be railing about convenience foods, in the back of my head while cruizing the aisles of stupid-markets, convenience stores, and warehouse grocers, looking for optimum foods. Seeking out the most nutritionally dense foods for the least money… I was after all on assistance and needed to make it stretch.

What’s a guy to do?!?! Get frickin’ educated!

“with that I’m in.”

Raw Food Saved My Life

January 25, 2009

Paying it Forward: How Going Raw Saved My Life


I have been a carpenter for about 30 years and a diagnosed diabetic for more than 20 years. At age 51, I was kicked out of a diabetes study at Baylor Diabetes Research Center, Dallas Texas, for being too well!

That’s right, according to the allopathic medical doctors, I am no longer a diabetic!

When I was diagnosed at age 33, I was 421 lbs – nearly 250 pounds overweight. My blood pres-sure was averaging 220/160 (normal is 110/80) and my blood sugars were often in the 200 – 300’s (normal is 70). I was also experiencing diabetic neuropathy (tingling in the hands and feet, lack of grip-strength in my hands and Restless Leg Syndrome).

To make matters worse, I had been incapacitated and bedridden from the complications of a work- related accident for approximately two years. I had fallen three stories, landing straight down on my legs. The impact compacted my neck and severely injured my legs. I had to undergo double reconstructive knee surgery.

Once I was able to move around again, I began assisting a couple of guys with some raw food potlucks. The raw food concept was all new to me, but it seemed interesting and I wanted to help out. Before long, they decided to open a restaurant and offered me the carpentry project. Just like that, I was building “The Organic Garden Café” in Beverly, Massachusetts, a new raw foods restaurant. At that time, I was just building a restaurant— juicing and the raw food lifestyle were still “someone else’s thing.

The extensive knowledge of the owner, Robert Reid, piqued my interest, opened my mind and inspired me to look deeper. Although still foreign, the concept of eating mainly raw foods was an awakening for me. One 17 year old art student was so full of compassion and willingness to help me explore this new way of eating, that I was floored. The folks I met were pleasant, patient and open to guide me along a new path to health.

After building the “cafe that saved my life” and learning more about eating raw foods, I stopped working carpentry and went to work in the restaurant. I began by learning the art of sprouting. After that, I worked in the prep area and eventually graduated to making food. Before long, I got all the equipment for myself (Vita-Mix, dehydrator etc.) and began to use it.

I learned the raw food philosophy from these good people and it has literally saved my life. I lost a couple of hundred pounds, evened out my blood sugar, lowered my cholesterol and changed my lifestyle. The knowledge really got to me.

It took seven years of aggressive action, following the raw food philosophy and taking the exercise outside, rather than the traditional in-the-gym method. Through hiking, swimming, rock climbing and enjoying high-energy dancing, I managed to make the progress I have made. The doctors said I would never walk normally and never return to my trade. Had I continued on with my old path, they would have been correct and I probably would not be alive today! However, because of my choices of therapy, I can walk, ride a bike, drive and do all manners of work.

Taking the alternative path was not an easy journey, but perseverance has paid off BIG! Beginning with living foods and herbs to replace conventional medicines, then learning about homeopathic, ayurvedic and naturopathic philosophies and finally doing much rehabilitative exercise, I managed to lose 200+ pounds and repair or reverse many of my previous conditions. My leg injuries and other complications from the accident have virtually disappeared along with the diabetes and its complications, including the diabetic neuropathy, high cholesterol and more. I have achieved an unprecedented state of health and movement, beyond what I could ever have imagined. Today, I feel better than I have ever felt in my life!

I returned to carpentry for a few years, only to find that I’d rather find ways to share this healthy path with others. I use what I have learned over the past 10-plus years to work with individuals, such as helping the elderly to age well and assisting children and adults with diabetes to live a healthy life without drugs.


In my new life, I spend my off-work hours hiking more than 30 miles a week, both on land and sea. (Yes, I actually bike in the ocean by mounting my bicycle onto a pontoon!) I go Reggae, Hip-Hop and Ska dancing 2-3 nights a week. I practice outdoor yoga….and I work full time! I work like I am 25 years old! I run up and down 30 ft ladders, doing carpentry work five days a week (when I am not helping someone turn around their health). Who needs a gym?

As for the study, in the end the numbers for my blood sugar are now in the 70-80 range (as opposed to the hundreds), a phenomenal change. The clinicians said my resting heart rate was 47 and that I had the heart strength of a 25 year old athlete! My diabetes A-1C test showed a 4.9! It had been in the double digits, up around 11 or 12.

Dealing with my diabetes head-on has really taken my experience of life to the next level. I juice every morning, eat monster sized salads for lunch and drink juice again or eat banana coconut I-scream for supper. Although in the kitchen, I am still Chef-Boy-R Duh; inexperienced, clumsy and messy. I usually manage to make some things that satisfy my penchant for elaborate foods – although I often end up eating all the ingredients before the recipe is complete.

I have navigated my way through many learning adventures as a diabetic, but by far the raw food lifestyle has achieved the most results, both in my life and in the lives of those I am privileged to help. As I retire from carpentry, I am positioning myself to become a diabetes coach.

I have been studying to get certified. I have certifications so far in herbology, iridology and naturopathy. I am also a massage/movement therapist. I continue to study and gain knowledge because it is time to take what I have learned and “pay it forward.”

Mother Teresa said “We are pencils in the hands of a loving God, who is writing love letters to the world.”

Peace,  Wayne