Conscious Cheating


If you have adopted a raw lifestyle, or are about to…  and there are days when to preserve your sanity, you must “cheat” on your resolute-ness.   If you have to cheat on your raw diet… there is a way to do it “consciously”

Over the years, being hungry many times a day… and when “raw” would not do…

Searching out of desperation to eat something that although not raw, would still be good for me, and wouldn’t set me back health wise. I have now created a guide of what to do that worked for me, and has helped others.

The ways I have found  are listed below.  Some  of these I do not use any longer, for I have progressed beyond them. Sometimes it has been because of a health progress, sometimes… I just lost the desire to make elaborate foods, and complex ingredient lists. In my desire to be out and on the loose… I usually end up just eating the ingredients I pack with me, and leave the cheffing to others.!

Hey Y’all!

I will edit this periodically … as I remember items, or combinations of products that worked in my travels thus far…But for now…

Chef-Boy-R-Duh here!

When it comes to eating…everyone is their own navigator.

Because I have been asked, here’s a few clues of what I do to maintain a healthy vibrant lifestyle.


Although I usually eat fresh garden or orchard foods…Oh?!?! and I juice a lot… and eat salads (like every freakin’ day!)
there are days when the raw-stuff don’t work… I work and play outside a lot… so, when it’s cold, I am headed 4  da warm place and warm foods…  If I have been out working all day in the cold,  a salad ain’t gonna cut it.
Labor intense food prep and lots of cleen-up ain’t happenin either,  after a 10 hr, workin in the cold day, woodchuckin in an unheated house! So there are concessions to be made. Here are a few to get ya ‘true’ not just through.


As much as possible eat raw: When you can, eat organic.  Lighten up on how much you eat at once,  eat more frequently and smaller amounts.

BREAKFAST FOOD: From simple to crazy…depending on my morning. I can go really wacked and make a huge mess in the kitchen but it is always waaay worth it for hours!

Sliced apple with *raw or cooked, nut butter, sliced banana with  cashew butter, almond butter, Hot caffine-free tea, sometimes adding garam masala, nutmeg, allspice, (* Raw is better, but pricey.)

Quilted Rye Crackers, or Rye Vita, with Emerald Laboratory Coconut Oil (Betta than Butta!), spread on it. Add  Cashew Butter, ‘Bionature’ Billberry Jelly, This Combination of stuff is “off the chart for unbelievable flavor!.
(One of the Westsoy Unsweetened Products…ie;  Westsoy Unsweetened
Soymilk,Westsoy Unsweetened Vanilla Soymilk, Westsoy Unsweetened Almond Soymilk.)

Steel cut oats: (or) thick, once rolled, organic…   Add apple, or other fruit to water, boil with oats, pour over sliced banana, or other fruit, add Westsoy Unsweetened Soymilk, Westsoy Unsweetened Vanilla Soymilk, Westsoy Unsweetened Almond Soymilk. Occasionally I add a tablespoon of almond butter, or cashew butter to the mix…I have added flax seeds at times, I have used coconut milk in a can. wow!
Spices: nutmeg, cinnamon, allspice, applepie spice, pumkin pie spice, cardemon (little bit o this stuff, goes looonnng ways, *8~)

Cascadian Farms Purely O’s, Barbara’s Bakery Puffins, add 3 tbsp cashew butter @ room temp, WestSoy Unsweetened Chocolate (or Carob) Milk, small amount of agave syryp to taste, (we got  Peanut butter Cap’nCrunch goin on  with Liquid Reeces cups all over ’em).

Smoothies of choice:

The Supreme Being:

1 Young White Coconut (Meat and water) [sub. dried coconut rehydrated in room temp spring water, Organic coconut milk in a can (1/4 of can, store remainder in a jar]. 1-2 frozen bananas, 1-2 oranges, handfull of frozen berries, cherries, etc., 1/4 fresh Pineapple, spring water, distilled water. Smoothies with both fresh and frozen fruits work best for today’s taste’s and freezing over night does not destroy the enzymes.

Ice Cream! I do this as many times a week as I can…I love it, and it
love’s me! There’s not usually anything bad enough in my day that a lot of ice cream won’t fix!
Meat of 1 young coconut, (Drink the water), 3 frozen Banana’s, and a
handful of frozen berries (strawberry, blueberry,etc.) Blend in
Vita-Mix,or good Food Processor, (kitchen blender won’t last…).Ripe
bananas (a few brown spots are best…)

Toast: My favorite!!!  Toasted  French Meadow, (Frozen) Yeast-Free
Wheat-Free/Gluten-Free Breads: Sourdough Rye, Spelt, Kamut, Sunseed w/Flax, Yeast free- Spelt Bagels, Emerald Laboratory Coconut Oil (Betta than Butta!), add Cashew Butter, Bionature Billberry Jelly, This Combination of stuff is “off the chart for unbelievable flavor!. One of the Westsoy unsweetened Products

Nut butter alternatives: Cashew, Almond, Macadamia, Pecan, Walnut,
( I can buy mine in the store) quick and easy, but a little pricey, OR
make ’em myself in the Champion Juicer (or an auger juicer), a little more work but preferable for vibrancy and energy levels, sets me up for more live enzymes…etc.

Ezekiel Brand Breakfast cereals: Almond, Flax, Original,Fresh Banana, or other fruit, ie; fresh peach,blueberries, raspberries, etc.  One of the
Westsoy Unsweetened Products   (*) The best combination is The Ezekiel almond, the Westsoy Almond milk, blended w/fresh banana taste’s like a bowl of biscotti cookies with milk pored all over ’em!!!!

Ghetto Pizza: My teenager (the one I was not supposed to be here to
enjoy…) inspired this: French Meadow, (Frozen) Yeast Free
Breads:Sourdough Rye, Spelt, Kamut, Sunseed w/Flax, French Meadow, (Frozen)Yeast free- Spelt Bagels,  Toast in toaster oven or toaster then put in oven after adding ingredients OR: French Meadow  (Frozen) Yeast Free Spelt (or Sourdough) Pizza Crust slightly  toasted, Mom’ss Spaghetti Sauce, or some other Organic, sweetener free, vegan tomato sauce Soy-Mage Vegan Parmesean Cheese Alternative,  Follow Your Heart Vegan Gourmet Mozzerella, or Pepper Jack.

I often add veggies I have sauteed first, then put between the sauce and cheese, my son likes the pepperoni/ or Canadian bacon alternatives. I pre-bake tofu with seasonings for mine)


2:00 am snack while writing this menu…Quilts Dark quilted rye crackers, Mom’s Spaghetti Sauce, Soy-Mage Vegan Parmesean Cheese Alternative,  Follow Your Heart Vegan Gourmet Mozzerella, Pepper Jack and 2 glasses of Organic Wine (sulfite free means no hangover!)

3 Brands to try: Frey,  Nevada County Wine Guild  and Organic Wine Works Frey’s Natural Red and Natural White,  Organic Wine Works Radical Red and Nevada County Wine Guild’s: Our Daily Red, are my best pick, the lowest amount of sugars of the grapes and what’s added to make wine…and and the lowest amount of tannins in any wine I have found, the price 7-9$ Nice! And not to wake up with the funk?!?!!?

I have the “hungry horrors” when I come in from dancin all night, so as a
rule since I keep only “safe ” ingredients around… whatever I can find
to concoct, out of safe ingredients…is all good!

Sentenced…  by the know-it-alls,  to a life of exercise… I have chosen dancing! Dancing  is what I do as a health club alternative and now since there’s no smoking in the bar’s no mo! We who don’t smoke… can go!

Skipping! is the most fun you can have with all your clothes one! It’s Hillarious to skip! try it if you dare… see how long you can go? How far? It’ll surprise ya! or do somersaults from a sitting position… like when you were small?!?! Nah.. taimt happenin… whassupwidat?!?!?

Salads, wraps, and other fine things.
Wrap of choice Ezekiel 4:9 flourless sprouted grain wrap , with any kind of greens, kale is my favorite, tomatoes and other salad veggies peppers, onion, cukes, carrots, and other raw roots you would not normally eat… peeled like you would a carrot, potato, etc…peel parsnip, rutabaga, sweet potato, any root into your wrap.   Spelt, yeast free wrap. white…

Dressing: My favorite is:

1/2 cup olive oil

1/8 cup Wheat free-low sodium Shoyu/ or Tamari

1/8 cup of Braggs Liquid Amino’s

1 cup chopped fresh Ginger

4-5 fat cloves of garlic peeled

1 lemon peeled, no pith

#1 Lime instead of lemon, chili powder, or 1/4 fresh poblano.
#2 add to the original parsley, or cilantro to the 2nd variation. And by all means come up with your own
#3 Sundried tomatoes, re-hydrated, basil, garlic, oregano and other
traditional Iitalian spices, mixed with dipping oil.
By all means the dressings can be blended with silken tofu to make a great dip for vegies, chips, etc…

gmocornCHIPS! Ok here’s the speel on chips… unless you make ’em in a dehydrator, none of em are health food! But, there is the chip monster to deal with…and you must pick, cuz not even I can’t make ’em every day and I can eat chips every day!

pig1When you eat a bag of chips… you are eating about 22-27 ears of corn in one bag… they are a fried food! If you don’t buy organic,  this is 25 ears of GMO corn, fried?!?!? going in to the system!?!?! (HINT: pigs don’t eat that many ears of corn a day)

But we gotta do what we gotta do to get us “true”… not just through.
…So my best picks are…. (in order) Guiltless Gourmet Corn Chips. They are baked not fried… There is:  Blue Corn , Red, White, Yellow, and White Corn there is salted and  Unsalted. This company makes other flavors, but these are the best of the best.. the others have items to read for the ingredient minded … but they are mad good!

Guac, and Chips… I large avocado, I bag Guiltless Gormet Baked Corn tortilla chips, I can Muir Glen Fire roasted Tomatoes with green chillies,  mix, eat!

There is always making them in the food processor, or the vita-mix, and the dehydrator. (*Recipe*)Amazing,  live enzyme…  really ethnic tastin corn chips, and fresh salsa! yum!

Dagwwood Style Sandwich on Hemp Bread.(bread alternatives to follow)  Slightly toasted, Mashed avocado (mayo-substitute), on both slices,  shredded purple kale, Pre-baked, seasoned tofu slices(*recipe*), sliced tomato, cucumber, spicy sprouts  Annies Green Garlic (vinegar free) Salad dressing.

Grilled Cheese: French Meadow,  Spelt or Kamut Bread,  Follow Your Heart Vegan Gourmet Mozzerrella, Pepper Jack, or Chedder  Cheese, sliced with carrot peeler, add Italian dipping oil spread lightly on both slices… Wha ha! grilled cheese! I sometimes add thinly sliced tomato, poblano pepper, I have added drained mashed black beans,  A big hit with my kid is black beans, Amy’s roasted vegetable salsa, vegan cheeze, grilled.  Add  Organic Root Beer and Guiltless Gourmet Red Corn Chips With Broco-mole’!

Broco-Mole’ : Created by Domenic Silva.  Mash 4 Avocadoes, chop onions, peppers, (red,orange, yellow, poblano, tomatoes, cilantro, cumin, (option) seasalt, celery, mix into mashed avo’s add small amount of Amy’s Roasted vegetable salsa, chop 3 cloves fresh garlic. Mix ingredients, eat by using broccoli florettes as chips.

The mexican delight! Living enzyme Corn chips.

Salads, can vary from eating a bag of spinach on the run, with cherry tomatoes and pickling cucumbers and an avocado, on the train, in my
car… on the run food is a little tough, but once you know the ingredients…   I have eaten on the subway, in the airplaine and in the airport, on my motorcycle, out of my saddle bags and back pack…road trips with a cooler in the back of the truck, and 3 sets of clean weapons, lasts from Boston to Dallas ( a trip I have made a lot!).

A great place to eat on the run SUBWAY! I get a spinach salad, with tomatoes, onions, black olives, italian peppers cucumbers, green peppers, blck pepper, olive, oil and shake italian spices, UNDER $4.00!!!


My Favorite is: Saute’ in large pot in coconut oil  chopped onions, peppers, (red,orange, yellow, poblano, tomatoes, cilantro/parsley cumin, (option) seasalt, celery, chop 6 cloves fresh garlic.Add nutmeg, allspice, garam masala, cardemon, cinnamon, fresh chopped ginger, shoyu/ tamari, Bell’s poultry seasoning, chili powder, paprika, till tender Add fresh cut butternut squash, sweet potato, red curi sqaush, acorn, (any firm squash carrots parsnips, rutabagas cook for a while add fresh of the cob corn, brocolli, black beans, freah purple kale or lacinato kale, ADD water to near full, add more ,Wheat free-low sodium Shoyu/ or Tamari,  Braggs Liquid Amino’s, spices to taste cook until roots are done. YUM YUM YUM MMMMNNNGGHHHH!!!! YUM! Serve with crackers,flax seed crackers made in the dehydrator. OR the one’s in the grocery list.
The spelt bagels go well with this with some coconut oil. on them.  Cut
like old world bread except in bite size pieces these are just mind blowin!


I have a few… from going out at Jalepeno’s Restaurant in town,  to elaborate stir fry’s @ the house, or at a friends.
Jalepeno’s Hot Corn Tortillas, fresh avocado sliced, mashed onto
totillia, fresh spinach, Black beans, whole or re-fried. fresh salsa and
a little cilantro makes, the best vegan-‘esque taco’s on the Island!

Making food on the jobsite isn’t easy. One meal that is relatively easy is stew in a rectangular glass dish in a toaster oven… I put cut up stew vegetables, tomatoes, celery, peppers, carrots, onions  and a chunky natural tomato sauce and blackbeans and I plug it in about an hour before lunch and let it cook,  a small crock-pot works well too.  Ready to eat lunch.

Tofu -Lasagna: slice thin Extra firm nasoya tofu  slice thin onions,
peppers, (red,orange, yellow, italian peppers , tomatoes, parsley (option) seasalt,celery, , chop 3 cloves fresh garlic. Mix ingredients,add  broccoli florettes  (options corn, asparagus spinach, or chopped kale) Cheeze parmesean and vegan gormet, (*) tip mixing cously chopped extra firm tofu with the cheeze simulates riccotta! Add a few crushed up pine nuts (pignolias) to the mix adds ethniticity). For sauce I like Mom’s Brand spaghetti sauce with whole cloves of garlic and basil in the sauce, a can of Fire Roasted diced tomatoes. A little oil in the bottom of the dish some veggies, sauce cheeze and then sliced tofu, then vegies sauce cheese, sliced tofu, Cheese Soy-Mage Vegan Parmesean Cheese Alternative,  Follow Your Heart Vegan Gourmet Mozzerella, Pepper Jack. sprinkle some layer some with a carrot peeler, mix them with the tofu for a riccotta texture.
Vita Spelt  makes a great spelt Lasagna noodle (among other product they make that is excellent for a grain based lasagna, the ingredients are the same. Bake until done. Serve with garlic toast, with cheese, make big salad use yeast free-breads for seasoned croutons Annie Green Garlic Dressing. OFF THE PLANET WITCH YA!!!

Crazy Subject right here. You wanna see folks get looney..?!?!?!? Take a critical view and make statements  at what folks snack on and you’ll draw fire from every corner… stay out of this arena! it is a multi billion dollar industry, these moguls are sharper than a hundred dollar kitchen knife. I make my own, OR  gnosh on stuff I buy out as safe, and encourage others to do the same ! Even the health food one’s are full of stuff you ain’t suposed to have together in your stomach… makes bad ju-ju in dayah! Raw nut’s soaked in water for a coupla hours,to release the enzyme inhibitors. Dried seeds.. (Roasted, cooked, salted , seasoned, nuts have been proven to be carcinagenic …cancer causing!)

Nacho’: Guiltless Gourmet , chips Fosllow Your Heart Vegan Cheese, Mild Green Chili’s, YUM!

Fruit! If you pick different things each time ya got a coupla weeks of
no repeat… favorites have a way of snafu-ing this thought. There is though, the  wide spectrum of fresh fruits, berries, sprouts, tomatoes, avocados,


Wheatgrass: “BUFFALO JUICE”!!!

How does a 2,000 plus pound animal ingest enough protien, to build the muscle mass that it takes to make an animal that big run (35+miles per hour) in a full run… Wheat grass juice!
Grow your own= for pennies a serving … or you can buy it  grown it’s  real convienent, but  a little pricey, but still way less than a soda pop, or a coffee habit! And way more beneficial… (remember it takes 32 -8oz glasses of water to ph neutralize (1) 12 oz soft drink once in your system

I have tried many, and  read about many, as a buyer for an organic grocery store and an organic raw food cafe, I heard many claims… these are my tried and true best picks. I  have lived with and without them, as a test of their propensity to help… Nature’s Plus brand “Source of Life” Ultra, with herbs…or just original formula… I have taken this product for over 13 years.. and recommended many to it… this stuff works!!

World Organics Liquid Chlorophyll: For those who are not ready for the wheatgrass answer for whatever reason.. this is the best help in a bottle. If you have a Nature’s Sunshine Brand Herb Dealer in your area, their Liquid Chlorophyll is the best, but this one is over the counter. Mix a squirt or teaspoon in a glass of water once a day or for an energy boost. keep in fridge, or at work. great pick me up, stick some in your bottled water (taste’s  like unsweetened tea. Put some in your Pet’s water bowl, give it to your kid’s… the  stuff is great! Combine this drink with the tablet above… many claims of “that’s all they need”, come back to me… It has helped me for years.

There are many supplements out there to address certain issues, there are herbs, propriety blends, vitamins. and tinctures, there are many homeopathic alternatives to drugs, and there are teas, tonics and infusions plus liquid herbs…to help in the pursuit of good health.

Fruit juices: If it’s in a bottle can, package, or frozen…  it’s pasturized !
it is nothing but sugar, no enzyme sugar at that… make fresh juice ..
or don’t drink it.

Allthough you can make your own in a soymilk maker… *) Westsoy Unsweetened Soymilk,Westsoy Unsweetened Vanilla Soymilk, Westsoy Unsweetened Almond Soymilk. These 3 items from this producer, have proven over 10 years in my life, as a great help and a safe product. They also offer a unseetened chocolate version.

“Fight for the future of our children

till hell freezes over…then fight on the ice!”

One Response to Conscious Cheating

  1. Wayne says:

    here’s a few directions… without the incidents.

    Barbara’s Bakery “Puffins” cereal with raw cashews, bananas and chocholate or carob unsweetened soy milk!

    French Meadow yeast-free spelt bread, or yeast free rye bread… coconut oit…spread thin…raw cashew butter, no sugar added bilberry jelly…with shredded organic coconut on top! With hot tea…dash of cinnamon/cardemon/nutmeg blend…and coconut milk?!?! BLISS!

    Pizza Namaste Pizza crust, Mothers Spagetti sauce or Muir Glenn Fire Roasted Tomatoes, oven roasted veggies, Follow Your Heart vegan Mozzerella, or Monterray Jack Cheese

    Switch French Meadow yeast free breads for the Namaste crust for the toaster oven version Just pre toast bread slightly… add sauce, and toppings…toast…add cheeze… toast till it melts… “trailer-billy pizza”!

    more babblin later… Peace

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