…did I ever mention… that I hate making food?!?!?!

February 23, 2009

So Here goes my rant..

I hate making food, cleaning up, putting things away, why can’t there be a no awaay to be put to? Pull food outta the ground, off trees, and vines… and eat? Dunno?!?!?!??! lemmee get back to ya on that one. ‘

Last summer I was at a friends yard that is the coolest yard I have ever been in. The garden was outrageous! I ate right out of the garden many times! and the size of the plants?!?!

Wouldn’t it be cool… to have all you need to live vibrantly,  in your neighborhood… promoting cooperation instead of separation in  your environment?

I live in a community where there was once an orchard… My dirt would love some activity! I am just now learning, that I am interested in growing my own food, as well as enough to bless others with!

kale-n-chard1There’s a lot to it! going to the store, stand, markets is easy… plank down tasteless money for taste good food?!?!? Easy breazy!  …and have you ever tried to eat money? No good dimpin!

So this year it is learning to be a locavore… eating only what is produced locally. There are so many lessons this year, that I am tackling.  Growing food, growing superfoods, being a locavore, being a green senior by going truckless, eating a mostly raw vegan diet, juicing, B a man 2 ban the can, biking, walking, hiking, rock climbing, dancing, yoga, skipping!, meditation, working, and loving life!

Sammy said: “I can’t drive 55!” Well me either! I ain’t about to slow down!

Tom Petty sez: “If ya never slow down…ya never grow old.” Well, I aim to see just how far I can push that!

Movement post…